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Nanomanufacturing Group

The Nanomanufacturing Group at Western Michigan University was founded by me (Deepak Ravindra) in 2007-08. This group primarily consists of faculty and students of Western Michigan University who are interested and dedicated to the nanomanufacturing field. All members of the group work either with the “top-up” or “bottom-down” approach in micro/nanomanufacturing.  Currently the main emphasis of this group involves material removal of brittle materials (i.e. SiC, Si, Quartz, etc) using Single Point Diamond Turning and Laser Assisted Machining and the fabrication of micro fatigue sensors. There are two mentors for the group, Prof. John Patten and Prof. Muralidhar Ghantasala who are both very experienced in the subject matter. Over the years, many students have been able to benefit from the group’s contribution in their own research or by addressing a particular research problem faced by an individual or group. Various issues are discussed weekly such as research problems, journal papers, practice runs for conference presentations and other presentations (that keeps the group updated on each group’s research status). We welcome anyone who is interested in this field of study/research to share their thoughts and help us build a larger network. You could join our group by sending a request with a brief message (with name, affiliation & current job) to the “Nanomanufacturing” group on Yahoo Groups.

Click here to access the group’s presentations