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Single Point Diamond Turning of Spinel


Project Time Frame: September 2008 – December 2008 

Material:Polycrystalline FCC Close-Packed SPINEL (MgAl2O4)

Project Aim: * To achieve a total depth of cut of 100µm through a single or multiple passes.

                  * Remove material via ductile mode machining
             * Minimize diamond tool wear
             * Improve surface finish of samples

Project Description: Spinel (MgAl2O4) is a transparent polycrystalline with properties (such as high hardness, light weight and broadband optical properties) ideal for stringent optical applications and transparent armor. It possesses a wide optical transmission range from 190nm to 6µm making it optically more compliant that several other ceramics such as ALON and single crystal sapphire. The main goal of this research project is to remove a total of 100µm depth from the surface with the largest possible depth of cut via ductile mode single point diamond turning. A total of 4 passes were required (25µm depth of cut for each pass) to achieve a total depth of cut of 100µm. All machining passes were carried out a t a relative low feed rate of 10µm/rev in order to improve the surface finish of the samples. A total of 6 samples were machined with similar conditions to verify the repeatability of the machining process. Tool wear and surface finish was also investigated for all tools and samples respectively.

Project in Detail: Further details not available due to "Export Controls" restrictions

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